Ghost Writing

Every time I launch a new book, the women who come to my book signing tell me they have always wanted to publish a book. Sometimes, they have a pile of notes stashed in a drawer somewhere or they have an idea for a book. What stands in their way is one of two things.

1-They hate writing!

2-The process of writing their own book is overwhelming.

I love writing! I do it every day because it’s fun and a stress reliever for me. If you would like to write a book or a short story, let’s make it happen together!

If you have notes and a general idea of what you want your book to look like, I can type and organize your notes as a starting point. That may be all you need.

If you have an idea but you just can’t put it into words, we can chat by Zoom or by phone and I will take notes while you speak. You will receive a written account of our conversation, edited and organized to improve the flow of the text.

My 60 minutes for $60 CDN is the best way I can think of to get you on your way.

E-mail me at to book a one hour session.

Getting your work published can be so therapeutic and rewarding for you and your work can impact others as well. Someone needs to hear your message…

Let’s get started!