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Thank you to everyone who has come out to my book signing at Jac’s Boutique, who purchased my book, promoted it or wrote to tell me how it impacted them. The month of May was a very busy but rewarding month. I expect June to be just as productive but in a different way.

I have another book signing coming up on June 29th at Chapters Indigo in Barrhaven from 12-3pm. I am super excited to see who turns up. I want to sell so many copies of my book, not just because of all the hard work that went into it, not only to honour the incredible women who spoke their truth or to share my step by step  plan to support mothers in your community… I am mostly excited about raising funds to provide a respite program to Kemptville moms who have one or more children on the autism spectrum over the upcoming summer months.

I have booked a room to train local teenagers, I have scheduled a time with Anna Whyte from Ausome Ottawa to train the students, I have recruited five students so far through speaking with teachers and creating a catchy poster for the high school bulletin board and I have spoken with seven local families about what kinds of supports would be most meaningful to them.

This program is expensive and I could really use your help. If you haven’t bought a copy of my book already, please do so. If you have read the book, please take a moment to review it on Amazon as so many people only purchase books that have been reviewed. If you know a 16+ year old who may want to spend time with a local child on the spectrum this summer, once a week, please send him/her my way.

As always, I am open to your questions, input and suggestions. Anne

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