The Story of Poobum and Pompom

figure11When my youngest daughter was born, my eldest was very upset with me for having her sister and, with her sister for taking some of my attention away from her. I wrote this book to help my daughter make sense of her feelings and express them to me so we could start to heal her wounded heart. The use of animals in this book allows children to safely project their feelings and brainstorm ways to help these characters feel better. It is a great way to initiate a gentle conversation with your child. Sample questions may include: “Why do you think Poobum is so upset?” “Do you think Poobum’s parents love him less because they now love Pompom too?” “How could Poobum’s parents show him that they still love him very much?”

In my workshops with families in schools and at the public library, I have children create wish boxes and fill their box with ideas regarding what they would like to do with their parent(s) while the baby is sleeping. This is a great way to empower the child and give parents simple ideas they can implement to connect with their child during this important transition.

The Story of Poobum and Pompom was recently featured in Inside Ottawa Valley.

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