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There are so many workshops to choose from, in person, at my shop, in your workplace, your home or, online.

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Public Speaking

Anne Walsh’s Latest project, The Mommy Monologues, is a collection of stories about motherhood.

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Individual Art Therapy

I love working individually with moms. If you are an overwhelmed mom looking for support, this is for you.

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Meet Anne

I love connecting with others. Art therapy allows me to reach people of all ages. Art therapy provides much needed down time for self-care and stress relief.

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Awesome Artsy Moms Vlog

Awesome Artsy Moms is a monthly interview with a local mom who is also an artist. I don’t know about you but I had no time or energy for creative expression when I had young children. I drove around until my daughters fell asleep just to write in my journal. I am hoping that watching these creative moms will inspire you to try something new.

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I’ve always loved books. As a child, the highlight of my week was grocery shopping with my mom. I would head over to the cereal aisle.

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Mama's Toolbox Podcast

Mama's Toolbox is a monthly podcast interview with a professional where I get to ask questions that are important to moms.

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