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Art Therapy

Art therapy is similar to traditional “talk therapy”. However, throughout the art therapy session clients are actively engaged in the process of self-discovery and creative problem-solving as they journal, paint, draw, sculpt, create poetry or collage. The clients, their creativity, the safe space that is my art studio and, the materials themselves all become allies in this process of healing.

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There is something magical about working in groups. My workshops are all hands-on and interactive so expect to get messy and have fun! As participants share their experiences and exchange information, they are able to learn from one another other.

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Public Speaking

During her signature talks, Anne brings humour to experiences of daily life while offering valuable tips for overcoming common challenges. She helps audience members connect through her interactive style and use of creative directives.

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Ghost Writing

Every time I launch a new book, the women who come to my book signing tell me they have always wanted to publish a book. Sometimes, they have a pile of notes stashed in a drawer somewhere or they have an idea for a book. What stands in their way is one of two things.

1-They hate writing!

2-The process of writing their own book is overwhelming.

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Crafting and Practising Your Speech

Many women who hire me for ghost writing services decide to share their message through public speaking as well. I can help with that as  well!

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