Out of the Mouths of Moms


“While writing this book, I came face to face with our unrealistic expectations of ourselves as mothers. We have absorbed this ideal of motherhood. We think it’s possible and that this is how other moms are doing it. When we fail to live up to these expectations, we feel inadequate and guilty. We don’t share our fears and struggles with others. We work hard to maintain an illusion of competence which only alienates other moms who are having the same experience.” 

– Anne Walsh 

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Sensing a real need, Anne Walsh conducted over 50 interviews with mothers from all walks of life over the course of a year and included their stories in Out of the Mouths of Moms.  She spoke to mothers with unplanned pregnancies, mothers who adopted, new mothers, stepmothers, mothers facing challenges, and mothers facing the pain of loss, amongst many.

She discusses:

  • Motherhood as a competitive sport
  • Learning from other cultures 
  • Women as strong advocates for others—yet seldom for themselves
  • Motherhood as a crucial role in society
  • Moving from silence to sisterhood. 
  • The discrepancy between ideals of motherhood and the support provided 
  • Postpartum support and awareness

As a result of the interviews and the book, Anne realized that creating communities of support for mothers is key, and immediately started planning an ideal community in her home town Kemptville, Ontario.  A portion of the proceeds from this book will be donated to this cause. 

In the final chapter of the book Walsh shares how listeners can create a similar community in their neighbourhood using an easy step by step process.

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**Please note, I have changed the title of my book from The Mommy Monologues to Out of the Mouths of Moms. While I was writing the book, I had to change the title prior to publication because I found an existing theatre play titled The Mommy Monologues, hence the name change.**