Speech Writing and Practising

Many women who hire me for ghost writing services decide to share their message through public speaking as well.

I first developed my public speaking skills as a College Professor. I then offered wellness workshops in corporate settings as well as in elementary schools and, believe me, if you are not doing a good job, children let you know, immediately. By the time my latest book was released and I was invited to speak about the need for more support for moms, I was in my element. I used to dread public speaking-dry mouth, sweaty palms, ears ringing, the whole deal.  Now I thoroughly enjoy it! It can be like this for you as well. Think of the people you’ll reach by sharing your message.

I can work with you through Zoom or over the phone to craft your message, manage your anxiety and practice your speech. I can provide feedback and organize an informal group to hear your speech for extra feedback. You will be well on your way, calm and confident!

Interested? Take the first step and e-mail me at to get started.

My 60 minutes for $60 CDN, makes it easy to invest in yourself and gain the confidence and clarity to go out into the world and share your story.

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Are you looking for a speaker for your next Wellness Day or Retreat? Have a look at my Public Speaking page.