About Anne

Anne Walsh is an art therapist, writer, public speaker and mother of two. She chose to pursue graduate studies in art therapy out of a desire to connect more deeply with people who struggle to communicate what they are experiencing.

Her work started out with older adults diagnosed with dementia living in long term care. When nurses requested burnout prevention workshops on the weekends, Anne’s work was noticed by a recruiter and she was hired to teach Psychology, Leadership and Recreation for Older Adults classes at Algonquin College. Anne taught for twelve years until she became a mother. Hoping to achieve work-life balance, she chose to return to her calling as an art therapist on her property in Kemptville, Ontario (Canada).

When her eldest daughter was being bullied at school, Anne launched a series of workshops teaching prosocial behaviours through art as a way to create more collaborative classrooms. She published two children’s books and devoted much of her business to the mental health of children and their families through classroom workshops and after-school art programs for families.

Realizing that parents needed additional support, Anne focused on programs that would give mothers a sense of community. She discovered the need for mothers to speak openly about their experiences with others and documented their stories by writing a book, Out of the Mouths of Moms. Anne has been actively involved in creating an infrastructure of support for mothers in her community. Her efforts have earned her the Chamber of Commerce Business Innovation Award.

Covid has caused Anne to pivot her business by providing online support through her art therapy sessions, creative journalling group, ghost writing services and speaking support. These days, she mostly works with women in their 40s and 50s who have lost touch with their true Self and are coming home to themselves through creative directives, self-expression and self-exploration.

Some of the proceeds from her work with women in their 40s and 50s is being invested in programs to help new moms receive the support they deserve.