Have You Hugged Your Alien?

figure10When I saw the impact of bullying on my daughter, it broke my heart. I encouraged her to speak to her teachers then I wrote notes in her agenda and, finally, I met with the teachers myself. The bullying was taking its toll on my daughter. I moved her to another school and started fresh in a new environment. It was the best decision I ever made.

This book is my way to promote collaboration and peace in the classroom. I designed a series of workshops teaching prosocial behaviours to elementary school children. I used this book to introduce the concept that, as human beings, we have many emotions throughout the day, which is normal but, we need to make good choices in the way we express them. I offered a workshop to take the book deeper by exploring what happens in our brain when we are upset and what we can do to avoid common pitfalls-hurting others, saying things we’ll regret and breaking objects that may or may not belong to us.

I have included this video of myself reading the book. Watch it with your favourite little one then use the worksheet below to start a conversation about healthy ways to express powerful emotions. Enjoy!

Use these Workshop Notes to double the fun!

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