Public Speaking

img2Anne Walsh’s Latest project, Out of the Mouths of Moms, is a collection of stories about motherhood told by moms from many walks of life.

During her signature talks, Anne brings humour to experiences of daily life while offering valuable tips for overcoming common challenges. She helps audience members connect through her interactive style and use of creative directives. Anne empowers women to share their challenges with others and brainstorm realistic solutions together. She also supports women by recognizing their inherent value and creating a platform where their voices can be heard.

Anne is available as a public speaker and workshop facilitator. Topics include:

Motherhood is not a One-Woman Show

Based on her experience of writing Out of the Mouths of Moms, Anne shares what she discovered about the reality of motherhood and how it contrasts with the glossy social media portrayal of this role. She compares the high expectations of motherhood with the lack of support provided to new moms. Anne urges women to unite and support one another.

Creativity is the New Math

Anne has been visiting schools, offering prosocial behaviour workshops and she finds that students are thirsty for open-ended activities where they can express their individuality. She discusses the importance of encouraging creativity in the classroom.

Have You Hugged Your Alien?

Anne teaches students, teachers and parents how to express difficult emotions in a healthy way. This talk is based on her book and workshop, designed for children but relevant for all ages.

You, Me and PTSD

In her work with military families, Anne has witnessed the difference it can make when all family members understand the workings of ptsd. She discusses the importance of identifying triggers, having a safe plan and being educated in order to thrive as a family and maintain a loving environment.

Corporate Wellness 

Anne uses creativity to explore what makes individuals resilient.  She demonstrates how we need each other in times of stress and examines ways that we can reach out for the support we deserve.

To book Anne Walsh as a speaker for your event, e-mail her at Anne’s standard rate is $500 CDN for 90 minutes.