Information for Moms

Writing, Out of the Mouths of Moms, really opened my eyes to the lack of support for mothers in our community. It was a bit overwhelming to be honest, noticing all the ways that moms are left to fend for themselves.

I have made it my mission to start creating an infrastructure of support for moms through a variety of projects in my community. On this page are a few of those projects:

A Mompreneur Catalogue listing the services offered by women in my area so we can support local moms.

Mama’s Toolbox, a podcast where I interview professionals to ask the questions that most moms don’t have the time or the opportunity to ask for themselves. The goal is to increase awareness of all the amazing resources we may not know exist in our neighbourhood.

Awesome Artsy Moms, a vlog where I feature mothers who are also artists. My intention in interviewing these moms is to inspire you to connect to your creativity which sometimes gets buried deep down after having children. Get those paint brushes out Mama!

Re-Energizing Tips and Tools for Mamas was a series of interviews with health professionals as we prepared to return to school and work after six months of Covid. I wanted to provide tools for moms to manage their stress during this challenging time.

Anne’s Mommy Moments Blog is my effort to share my most vulnerable moments with you so you can see that you are not alone. Too often, we pretend that we have everything under control. When a mom is struggling, she sees moms “doing it all” on social media and feels even worse. Reading my blog, a description of my journey of my moms with all its ups and downs will show you that being a mom doesn’t change that you are also a human being. It’s ok to mess up. We all do.