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January Newsletter

Welcome – I Am So Glad You’re Here!

I have been anticipating January 2018 since October 2017 when I attended the Hay House Writer’s Workshop in Orlando. I spent more money on myself than I had in ages in order to meet Hay House staff and figure out how to get my book published by them. I had spent a year interviewing mothers from all walks of life for my next book, The Mommy Monologues. While I was at the Writer’s Workshop, I made a decision. I changed the focus of my business to serve and support moms. Once I got clear on this intention, the next steps were easier. I now have a website that reflects this intention, filled with services and information for you. Thank you to Charlie Griffin ( for doing such a great job on my website!


Every month, my newsletter will start with the Families Connect Challenge. This month is all about vision boards. It can be really challenging to spend quality time together as a family. Parents work hard. Children are in school during the week and, often, in extra-curricular activities in the evenings and on weekends. Many families don’t have sit down dinners anymore. They eat on the run or at different times, maybe even in separate rooms. However, if you ask moms, dads and kids, they will tell you they want to feel connected to their family. They crave some quality time where they can enjoy each other’s company and have fun. Creating a family vision board is a great way to start a new year. You focus on what is important to your family and work together to create it.

Step 1 – Sit together with some paper and pens or markers (to add colour) and answer these questions:

Who are we as a family? Who are the (enter your last name)? What do we stand for?
What is important to us?
What makes us different from other families?
What do we love about our family?
What is our favourite thing we ever did as a family and why?
What do we want more of in 2018?
What do we wish we could change about our family? Is that realistic? How would that impact the family?

Step 2 – Identify a word that represents the way you want to feel as a family in 2018. “Fun” “Relaxed” “Fit

Step 3 – Gather some magazines and have each family member pick images that match the feeling you chose in step 2. Use scissors to cut out the images. Have a pile of images for each member of the family.

Step 4 – Get an 18×24 Bristol board or a big piece of craft paper and organize the images in a way that is pleasing. Pick a few images from each member of the family. There may not be space for every single image. Use glue to stick the images to the paper.

Step 5 – You can use the markers to add words to your vision board (fun, together, family, love, laughter etc).

Step 6 – Brainstorm an affirmation for your family for 2018. You can change this later in the year or, for 2019, if the needs of your family shift. “In 2018, we create calm in our home”.

Step 7 – Think of a song that represents the feeling of your vision board. When you are getting off track, you can play the song and get back in the game. You can even play it for each other when a family member is not living up to the family’s intention.  “Lean on Me” “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” “What a Wonderful World”.

I hope you enjoy this process and see the rewards of taking the time to get focused as a family for 2018!


If you post photos of your family participating in this challenge each month on Facebook and tag me or, if you share your monthly photos with me on Instagram, you could win a movie pass for four people (two adults, two children). The winning family will be announced on my Facebook page on December 23rd, 2018, at the end of the challenge.

This month on my blog, Anne’s Mommy Moments, I describe how I inadvertently sabotaged my own fertility by trying to force things to happen according to my timeline. Big mistake! Read it here.

I made a decision to visit a different group of mothers each month for 2018. I want to speak with them and learn about their experiences. Sharing in a group is different from talking one on one. We feed off of each other’s ideas and our conversations can take unexpected turns. This is exciting! My first group is the Ontario Early Years playgroup. I will be visiting OEY on Wednesday, January 10th at 2pm.

Please note that I will be starting a monthly online Divorce Divas group on Monday, February 12th 2018 (just before Valentine’s Day) at 7pm ET. The monthly workshops include a live Zoom meeting, some notes on the topic for that month as well as an art directive just to keep things interesting. Each workshop costs $40 and you can register here.

But wait, there’s more… I will be offering a Sassy Ladies 12 week online course starting on Saturday, April 14th 2018 at 10am ET. The goal of this course is to support moms who need to balance the demands of work and home life. Whether you need to change jobs, learn to delegate or start a hobby, prepare to shift for the better. The cost of this course is $120.

Mommies Mingle
Every Tuesday at 1pm (ET), moms can come and connect online for free, talking to other adults and exploring whatever topic is being discussed that week. Our first topic, on January 16th, 2018 will be, “What does support look like to you?”. See Mommies Mingle on my website for more details or to sign up.

Anne’s Art Adventures
I am very excited to interview an artist each month for Anne’s Art Adventures. My first artist is Heather Snow. She works from her home studio in Merrickville. I was fascinated by Heather as I discovered her many talents from welding, painting and sculpting jewelry to singing in a band and drumming. I can’t wait to share this fireball of a woman with you. For a sneak preview, check out her website:

Mama’s Time Out
If you’d rather socialize in person, join me in my art studio on CR 18 in Kemptville for my monthly creative workshop, Mama’s Time Out. This month, we kick off the new year by creating vision boards. There will be tea, coffee and lots of fun. Each workshop costs $60. Register here.

Mama’s Toolbox 
On Mama’s Toolbox, I interview professionals every month to ask them questions that I think moms would want to ask. I am starting this series with a chat about money with Cathy Sheppard from Sheppard & Associates Ltd. She is an interesting woman that I have come to know and respect through her involvement in the community. For more information on her business, go to

This is my way to serve you. If you have any suggestions regarding topics you would like to have covered or questions you wish to ask, please submit them here.
I hope your year is off to a great start and I look forward to seeing you in my groups or reading your comments.
Remember, Motherhood Doesn’t Have to Be a One-Woman Show,
Anne Walsh