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Awesome Artsy Moms is a monthly interview with a local mom who is also an artist. I don’t know about you but I had no time or energy for creative expression when I had young children. I drove around until my daughters fell asleep just to write in my journal. That was my only outlet. Many moms feel alienated from their creativity when their children are young. Yet, creative expression is so important to our mental health and well-being. Whether you are artistic or just curious, these interviews will introduce you to creative practices in order to inspire and entertain you.

Join me for my first artist interview with Meredith Luce from Luce Ends. For more information about Meredith and her work, visit her website,

2 thoughts on “Awesome Artsy Moms”

  1. Hi Anne
    Really enjoyed your interview with Meredith. I’ve known her since she joined NGBB when I was a member of that great group when I had my business in Kemptville. I am aware of the many aspects of the Arts she is involved in and know how a new baby in the family does change your life forever. As time goes by, we learn to make changes that works for our lifestyle and family.

  2. So true! I had to wait until I had Grandchildren to even realize I enjoy art! I can’t draw or paint on canvas or paper, but give me a sugar cookie and the magic begins! Art brings me relaxation and passion! So glad I kept trying things until I found the perfect fit!!!

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